Windigo ep is out now! Pick up a copy at one of our upcoming shows or buy it online


Recoding has begun! We have just begun the recording process for our first full length. More details will be coming soon.

Drummer Returns

We are happy to announce the return of our original drummer Joey Cardenas. Make sure to check out our show on Friday March 9th which will be his first show back.


Kingdom Ov Plague

Kingdom Ov Plague is available.

Kingdom Ov Plague

Kingdom Ov Plague is available on our merch page as downloads for free. Or you can contact us at for your copy.


Seeking a Second Guitarist

We are currently auditioning guitarist  to complete our line up. We have an extra half stack so as long as you can practice on saturday evenings we'll audition you. If you are interested contact us.

Kingdom Ov Plague

Kingdom Ov Plague is officially done It will be available soon.

Kingdom Ov Plague

We just finished recording Kingdom Ov Plague. The recording process when very good and the tracks are great so far. All thats left is some mixing and mastering then it will be ready. We also are getting more shirts soon with the new logo and possibly some more merch. Hopefully if everything keeps going smoothy by the next show for Kyles birthday on November 19th we will have more merch and the ep.


Kingdom Ov Plague

We are currently recording for our upcoming EP Kingdom of Plague. Which is a rerelease of our first EP with all new recordings and additional tracks. It will feature original tracks from the upcoming full length Plague Ov the Gods and a cover of Crush the Jewish Profit by Inquisition. The track listing can be seen below.

Plague Ov the Gods

Rats in the Walls

Bloody Fate

Battles in the Frozen Kingdom

Crush the Jewish Profit (Inquisition cover)


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